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History and logic
behind the name Nexus 6


In the movie Blade Runner there was a line of androids, referred to as Replicants. These came in six different models, the Nexus 1 through to the Nexus 6 design.

Nexus 6

This model was the most advanced and perfectly blended tech and the human element, something that we felt was missing from traditional digital marketing.

The Team.

The People that make everything possible

Dave Makin

Co-Founder / Big Head / Creative Lead


Co-Founder / The Guy Who Never Gives Up

Jay Casmirri

Mista J / Man with a Movie Camera

Rebekah Norgaard

Adventure Sherpa / Spells Rebecca Weird

Jay Maakestad

360° View on Life

Steph Majeran

Data Guru / Ginger

Miles Conlan

App Developer / Auto Mechanic

Steve Faust

Faust Smash / Website Developer

Bizarro Dave

Lives in the future / India Team Lead