It's a Small World After All...

As the classic Disney ride said, it is a small world after all.

Technology has given us the ability to connect face to face with anyone in the world almost immediately. Share documents and ideas with people on the other side of the globe instantly. Our children can now play games with people from any number of countries and cultures.

And yet, technology has turned many of us inward. No longer do we need to leave the house to interact with other people. In fact the idea of shopping locally has become a novel, almost quaint concept.

For most, the world is as simple as the small screen that they carry in their pants pocket.

So, how does an analog business compete in a world that is so digitally centrist?

Blade Runner & The Nexus6 Model:

Back in the early 80s the movie Blade Runner made a huge impact on Sci-Fi films that can even be seen in films today.

One of the main themes of the movie was the concept of tech and humans merging. The androids in this film were referred as Replicants with the model the Nexus 1 being the first. Throughout the upgrades they finally got to the Nexus 6 model, which was deemed "More Human than Human".

It was the perfect blend between tech and the human element. It was even suggested that some didn't even know they were a Replicant. Spoiler alert, Deckard's a Replicant.

Sometimes companies that work with technology tend to forget that it exists for bringing people together.

We named the company Nexus 6, because although we embrace technology, we never want to loose sight of the human element that it's meant to connect.

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