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What the heck is a Nexus 6?

When I came up with the concept behind Nexus 6, I was ultimately influenced by the 1982 film Blade Runner

The Nexus 6 model Replicant was deemed “More Human Than Human” and seamlessly combined tech and the human element. The human element I felt was missing from a lot of current marketing agencies and advertisements.

So, we decided to create the Nexus 6 agency to make marketing a little more human again.

By nature, people are storytellers. It’s how people began to understand the world around them. From Neanderthals sketching on the walls of their caves to Michelangelo painting the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, we have always told stories.

We carry on this tradition by focusing on telling compelling stories and building experiences to share with your potential clients.

Good marketing is about connecting people, great marketing is about creating something they want to be apart of.

~ Love, Dave

The Team.

The Androids… errr, humans that make everything possible

The Dave

Founder / El Presidente / Creative Lead


Co-Founder / Rarely Seen, Like a Yeti


Man with a Movie Camera / Director of Video & Photography


The intern turned Social Media Director


Honorary Replicant / Avid Quilter


Data Guru / Ginger


SE-Oh Yeah

Think Faust

Steve Smash / Website Developer

Bizarro Dave

India Team Lead