It's the way it's always been done, it's tradition.

Dave, co-founder and currently the huge head of the company (it's true, he had to stretch out a comically large foam cowboy hat to wear it, his head is massive) had worked for large and small companies for years. Regardless whether it was a global company or another small marketing agency, they all seemed to operate the same way; see what the other guy was doing and try and do it better. It's boring, unimaginative, and stale.

Good marketing is about understanding data, great marketing is about bringing people together

All you need to do is to watch a Chevy ad with those "Real People" and "Not Actors" to realize that marketing and ad agencies have lost complete touch with regular human beings. Although, for them, it's a numbers game. All they need to do is get that ad in front of as many people as possible and it will stick with a certain percentage.


You may not have ever heard of us, and that’s okay. We’re still a small company, but what we lack in overall company size we make up in gravitas. We’re a human-based communications company with offices located in West Des Moines, our parents basement, multiple different coffee shops, and wherever we may roam.

The Nexus 6 name comes from Blade Runner and has its roots in the concept of a perfect blend of tech and the human experience. You’ll find that our brand is more about connecting with people and adding something to their day rather than focusing on likes or retweets.

Yes, we swear sometimes, we laugh all the time, and without shame, we can admit we cried when we watched the Notebook.

We’re nontraditional, we’re weird, we’re perfectly imperfect, we’re human.


Dave Makin

Co-Founder | Creative Director

One could say his mind wanders, but he says, those that wander aren’t necessarily lost. Together with Rob, they built this company based on the concept that people buy positive experiences and to stand out in this cluttered world you need to shake things up a little. Dave will challenge you to let go of the sterile corporate approach to marketing, push you to let your personality show through, and ultimately let yourself be human again.



Rob Vandemark

Co-Founder | Cuddly Bear

More than just an entrepreneur Rob is a philanthropist. Not just in the traditional sense of giving money to the needy, but volunteering his time, energy, and experience to those that truly benefit from it. From helping others start up their own business to coaching multiple little league teams, Rob will always be there for you whether you’re an old friend or a stranger on the street.

Stephanie Majeran

Data Mining & Analysis

Stephanie is a total badass. Not only is she the most energetic and fun accountant ever, but she is also like really good at analytics, survey generation, data mining, industry research, and anything brainy that requires lots of thinking. When yelling at it and smashing it aren’t the answer, Majeran is..