Meet The Team.

The Androids… errr, humans that make everything possible

The Nexi (Nexuses? Octopi? Meese?)

The Dave

President & Creative Lead

The leader in title only. Most of the time he's clueless.

Alex Gray

VP of Operations

She's the one keeping this thing on track.

Nate Westre

VP of Sales

Art of the Deal? This guy is like a god damn Da Vinci.

Emily Poss

Graphic Designer

She makes pretty pictures and shit.

Phil Fisher

Monger of Merch

Need something to wear? He can slap your logo on it.

Our Partner Network

    Andi Fagen

    Creative DSM

    Want to get found on the Google machine. She's your gal.

      Andrea Kallhoff

      Media Buyer

      She has the connections to get you on the idiot box.

      Emily Steele

      Love Local

      Be prepared to be influenced with her influencer marketing.

      What the heck is a

      Nexus 6?

      When I came up with the concept behind Nexus 6, I was ultimately influenced by the 1982 film Blade Runner

      The Nexus 6 model Replicant was deemed “More Human Than Human” and seamlessly combined tech and the human element. The human element I felt was missing from a lot of current marketing agencies and advertisements.

      So, we decided to create the Nexus 6 agency to make marketing a little more human again.

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      Stories & Such

      What a Cross Dresser Taught Me About Being Unapologetically Me.

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      Zen and the art of mythological storytelling

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      Public Nudity & Impressions

      Have you ever seen someone naked that you didn't care to? I did once, it was in the locker room at the YMCA and I saw a colleague of mine, let's call ...

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      Human-Centric Marketing

      It’s no secret that more and more of our lives are being more automated and based around tech. We see this in self-driving cars, Artificial Intellig...

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      Stand up, stand out.

      Our mission with everything that we do is to be different. To stand out from the rest with regards to our ideas, our strategy, and overall approach to...

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      Dead Cats and Marketing by Debbie Marshall

      “You can’t swing a dead cat…”, the saying starts out. The rest of the saying it typically a humorous reference to an over abundance or saturat...

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