F.R.O.G.S. for Content That Hops

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Hey there, tired of feeling like a frog stuck on a lily pad when it comes to creating content? Fear not, for the F.R.O.G.S. method is here to help your content hop to the top!   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS   First up, Frequently Asked Questions – jot down 10-15 questions your audience might have about […]

Show And Tell Of Marketing

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Do you remember elementary school ‘Show and Tell’ day?  It was a day that most of us looked forward to. It was the day that, for most of us, we got to show off our favorite, newest and best-est toy. The one that you wanted everyone in class to know about! But, it was so […]

Trick or Treats Of Marketing

With Halloween coming up, everyone wants treats and no tricks! But what about in marketing…? Most companies will invite you in with full-size candy bar promises, but will only give you a snack-sized delivery. Make sure to check out your marketing stockpile of offers and see how many are tricks… NOT TREATS! When looking for […]