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Breaking out of the comfort “Bubble”

Like death and taxes (or if you ask Thanos, he will tell you that he is), change is inevitable. We can’t control it, but we can control how we react to it. Sometimes it’s healthy to embrace new challenges even if they are difficult….and fearful.

I spent the greater part of my working career in the casino industry and a large portion of those years training others to become table games dealers. I asked many of  them to put themselves on display in front of strangers providing entertainment for hours on end. When they first
started their hands were shaking, sweat was beading, and you could almost feel their hearts racing. I forced them out of their comfort zone to grow into something larger.

While I am ok in front of people, I cringe when seeing myself on video or when I hear myself from a recording (even when I have been asked if I have been on the radio before!). Since joining Nexus 6, I have had to expand my comfort level and do exactly what I ask others to do. Let’s be honest. How can I ask clients to make video content to help them expand their business when I am unwilling to do it myself? Short answer is I can’t. Or won’t.

What haven’t you done in your business that you fear?

Can you overcome it on your own or do you need a helping hand?

You’re never alone. Hit me up and let’s conquer the fear together.

(Warning: This will require coffee)

Frequently asked questions

A computer.

But, no seriously, we use Wordpress. It’s widely used, open source, and easy to host anywhere if you ever decide you hate us.

We work with companies from all industries that are all sizes. Our requirements for working together is simple. We don’t hate each other and we believe that we can provide real results.

Yes we do. From capturing the footage to editing it into its final form, all our work is done here.

Hell yes you do. We get it, some companies will write you a blog but claim that they own the content as a way to retain your business, that’s bullshit and we don’t play that game. It’s yours to keep once you’ve paid for it.

Firstly, there is no cost to meet with us and talk about what we can do for you. Second, each and every quote is custom. We don’t prepackage anything. We can however say that our base rate is a hell of a lot lower than most you will find out there.

Apart from having implications in the movie Blade Runner (where the company gets its name) we ourselves are somewhat of a unicorn in the fact that we offer a fair price for top tier services. We pretty humble, regardless of how many awards we’ve won.