Dead Cats and Marketing by Debbie Marshall

“You can’t swing a dead cat…”, the saying starts out. The rest of the saying it typically a humorous reference to an over abundance or saturation of…something.  As in “you can’t swing a dead cat in Portland without hitting a vegan”. Okay, no offense to the vegans, I love you all.

And so it goes with marketing.  “You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a “marketing expert”.

The overabundance of something however, does not indicate quality.  In fact, it usually means the opposite.  Once something becomes popular, we experience the bandwagon effect.  Everybody and their brother think they can do it too, diluting the overall quality of the group. 

“Did you just Google, how to be a marketing expert?”

So how do you find the right marketing expert that can actually help your business?  That question can only be answered by first understanding your business needs, what makes your business unique, knowing your message, and having identified your target market.  Your business is special and your marketing expert should be too.

Unfortunately, many marketers are quick to sell you on their package of “one size fits all” services.  And if your only business goal is to fit in with everyone else…then go for it…be average.  If your goal is to disrupt the market, turn people’s heads, and slay the competition, then you need a marketing expert that does that too.  A marketing expert that gets you. Be selective.

Bottom line: Stop swinging dead cats.

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