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Totally Iowiginal Networking

January 17 @ 11:31 am

Every week we get together to talk about the world of business and stuff.


January 17, 2021
11:31 am


Nexus 6


Stories & Such

What a Cross Dresser Taught Me About Being Unapologetically Me.

Several years ago, a coworker suggested that we go check out the drag scene that night. Having never seen illegal street racing myself at the time, I ...

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Zen and the art of mythological storytelling

Storytelling has a way of sticking with us even long after the stories have ended. You see this creep up especially when looking at mythology. In Nors...

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Public Nudity & Impressions

Have you ever seen someone naked that you didn't care to? I did once, it was in the locker room at the YMCA and I saw a colleague of mine, let's call ...

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Human-Centric Marketing

It’s no secret that more and more of our lives are being more automated and based around tech. We see this in self-driving cars, Artificial Intellig...

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Stand up, stand out.

Our mission with everything that we do is to be different. To stand out from the rest with regards to our ideas, our strategy, and overall approach to...

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Dead Cats and Marketing by Debbie Marshall

“You can’t swing a dead cat…”, the saying starts out. The rest of the saying it typically a humorous reference to an over abundance or saturat...

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You Can't Say That Online