With a firm belief in the words of Steve Job – “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.” We focus on building designs to interact with application users. Team Nexus focuses on developing designs that can increase the usability of the system with an ease of exploring available features. Our expert web and mobile designers possess 10+ years of industry experience with multiple challenging deployments and UI/UX development. Our main expertise in designing includes:

  •  Logo Design
  •  Website Interfaces
  •  Mobile Applications
  •  Custom Themes
  •  eCommerce
  •  Mobile Apps
  •  Corporate Stationary
  •  Product Branding
  •  Software UI/UX


Here is a glimpse of our work that can give you multiple ideas to decide on your design requirements precisely and can be helpful to understand our skills in a better way:

Legal Services: Personal Injury Lawyer Website


Attorney services marketing is a highly competitive market. The major challenge is to provide our Lawyers and Attorney clients with an effective design that can provide a quick solution to their visitors with quick information and legal help. With this challenge in mind, Nexus 6 team have designed www.find-personalinjury-lawyers.us – a website and a web application where the visitors can find multiple lawyers nearby viewer’s location for a quick legal help and consulting for their Personal Injury cases. It’s an aggregator system of lawyers with various legal categories and feature of completing legal case evaluation online.


Small Business: Landscaping Company Website



Redbud Landscaping is a wonderful “Green Industry” organization that provides marvelous landscaping development and management services. While developing the website, the aim was to keep the site simple yet effective in design. The design that can be operable by a variety of customers, starting from non-tech elderly to enterprise managers. With a sleek professional design, the website has a responsive theme that can be compatible with mobile devices like cellphone, tablets, computer and even Televisions.


Nonprofit: YouKindness Foundation



Nonprofit organizations need special attention when it comes to designing. We believe that nonprofit organizations’ websites should be highly effective while conveying the message to the visitors not only with great content but also with a perfect representation of it. Such representation can include images, videos, text, and micro-interactions with the users of the website. With this approach Nexus 6 team designed YouKindness.org. When the team of YouKindness approached us, they had lower numbers of visitors online with very small numbers of interactions with the people online. After the website review, we found that YouKindness team is doing a great work with multiple acts of kindness and having ample amount of content generated through their non-profit events, activities, and experiences of volunteers. However, this content was scattered on their website.

Team Nexus provided a Website User Interface (UI) that is responsive to all type of devices with an organized way of content presentation, explaining to users about the kind activities and opportunities volunteer in their cause. The new version of the site is not only presenting content but also empowers the organization to run fundraising non-profit campaigns and register new volunteers online. The site is also integrated with social media platforms for sharing live updates and interact with their volunteers available on various platforms. As a result, our nonprofit client got the best User Experience (UX).

Nicholson Outdoor Service


With an awesome and hardworking spirit, John started up “Nicholson Outdoor Servies” couple of year back. John & team approached Nexus 6 Marketing with a request to build a system that creates a central location for all customers to request an Estimation & Quotation for the Outdoor Service packages such as Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Landscaping, Patio, Erosion Control…etc.

As the solution the Nexus 6 team has designed a dynamic website presenting the company vision and mission completely with the stated service packages and multiple ways to connect with the clients with various requirements:

  • Quotation Request based on required services
  • Callback Request Form for requesting customized service packages
  • Email Query

Additionally, the site was designed in a manner that represents the “Go Green” vision of Team Nicholson, as they are not destroying the trees but repurposing the old trees and turning the saved wood into a super useful furniture.