In this era of technology, the Internet is a soul of marketing for any business. Really, it doesn’t matter which business industry you belong to, there are ample possibilities to market your products and services online. The beauty of Digital Marketing is that it can turn your local campaign into a worldwide branding in few hours. At Nexus 6 we have a dedicated team of Internet Marketers with 7+ years of industry experience with an attitude to understand your business, sales operations and your targeted audience first and then develop a marketing campaign specially crafted to spread your products and services on various effective channels. We are specialized in listed marketing strategies:

  •  Social Media Marketing
  •  eCommerce Marketing
  •  Search Engine Ads
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  •  SEO Optimization
  •  Email Marketing
  •  Online Customer Chats
  •  Video Promotions
  •  Content Marketing


Let’s have a look at some of our projects of Digital Marketing that can present our expertise and provide a clear picture of how you can turn your online marketing into successful sales generation machine:

Nonprofit: Social Media Management & Marketing


Project Alive and Kicking (PAK) is a local initiative organized by a team of doctors to create health awareness for expectant mothers. Nexus 6 team is proudly helping various nonprofit organizations to shape their social media pages and profiles and spread the awareness about their beautiful cause with an approach to target right audience to create a strong outcome with their efforts. We manage various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram…etc and also run effective Ad Campaigns online using Google AdWord, Facebook Ads and Mass-Mailing Promotions.


Web Dynamix – A Web Hosting & Networking Company



When Web Dynamix team approached us for the web solution, they were facing a lot of competition in the market and wanted to figure out a way to beat the competition with unique features and services online through their online portal. With all business requirements in mind, Nexus 6 Team planned the website: with an objective in mind to keep the design unique with several unique selling points which can help the website visitors in an actual way and not just to generate few inquiries for hosting space buying. As the result, the website is now offering listed services to the visitors complementary:

  • Hosting Space Evaluation & Web Page Health Check.
  • Quick Online Pricing Calculation for Networking Projects.
  • Easy to explore Plans and Packages Modules

With a properly planned website and a great Nexus effect Web Dynamix was able to convert their sales by 30% more each month and still growing exponentially.

Get Personalized : Gift Personalization & eCommerce Solution



It’s been observed that 60% of total consumers prefer to buy gifts for their loved ones during any occasion or season time using online platforms or famous eCommerce websites. Having an idea to offer the best personalization features to online gift shoppers and to create the best gifting experience, Get Personalized team approached us to develop a great web platform which should be usable on mobile phones and tablets too. To serve the core purpose of customized/personalized product options with quick eCommerce features, Nexus 6 team have developed – with cool features to add your personal messages or custom images on gift items and souvenirs available on the site. With 1000s of product uploads and many categories, Nexus 6 is providing the online buyers on this website with a seamless eCommerce experience and managing the website on regular basis at present. Nexus 6 team is responsible for:

  • Website Development
  • Product Upload
  • SEO & Site Performance Tracking
  • Digital Marketing
  • eCommerce Order & Inventory Management