Public Nudity & Impressions

Have you ever seen someone naked that you didn’t care to? I did once, it was in the locker room at the YMCA and I saw a colleague of mine, let’s call him Butch, strutting around stark naked.

It was by all accounts, unpleasant. I quit later that day.

Now, why do I bring up the fact that I saw my former, rather stout and hirsute coworker nude in the locker room of a gym? Because I want to illustrate the flawed concept of associating a campaign that focuses on maximizing impressions with a path to success.

I was running a Facebook campaign for a small startup recently and they were pushing me to broaden my target so that it would appear in more news feeds.

I tried to explain that simply by showing more people the ads doesn’t necessarily equate to an increase in overall interest. They had a pretty niche service that wasn’t something people would be looking for without the immediate need for it. I wanted to tell a more compelling story to a select few that would identify with what we were talking about, they wanted to show everyone a generic blanket statement within a 50-mile radius.

Now, how does this relate to Butch? Well, think of it this way. You’re at a football game, the stadium is packed and everyone is having a great time. Then out of nowhere here comes Butch running out with his John Thomas waving about.

How many impressions did Butch’s lil Butch get?

How many people wanted to see it?

Focus on those that want to see what you are offering and show them something compelling enough that they’ll want to see more.

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