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standing out of the crowd


You’ve heard the acronym before. You’ve seen it. You might have even used it. So, chances are you might know what the subject line stands for already.

In fact, your definition of STFO could be the same one that’s listed at the top of the internet danger zone that is The Urban Dictionary.

“Stressed the f&#k out”

“Sell the f&#k out”

“Shut the f&#k off” 

Hell, there’s even a “Swing the f&#k out” for those still addicted to the Hop. 

That’s not what we think it stands for at this unique Des Moines-based advertising agency that we call home. Here at Nexus 6, we think STFO should stand for something completely different.

It’s something that we practice and preach.  

We tell our partners all the time that in order to be noticed in today’s cluttered marketplace, you simply have to “Stand The F$$k Out!”

Now, let’s take STFO one acronym further (‘cuz you know us marketers can’t do shit without turning things into a damn game of boggle.) 

We’re talking about DX. It doesn’t stand for digital experience and it’s not the old physician’s shorthand for diagnosis. In our space, we use it as a “differentiated experience.” 

The most popular brands know their customers backward and forwards and create differentiated experiences that resonate with them. They understand that word of mouth is one of, if not the, biggest key to growth. These brands do their most in marketing to stand out PURPOSEFULLY in a sea of sameness.

One of my personal influences, Stan Phelps recently wrote, “Your brand is no longer what you tell people it is. It’s the differentiated experience [DX] your customer has, how they feel about it, and, most importantly, what they tell others about their experience.

What are your one or two signature elements of DX? How are you amping up value or reducing maintenance? Instead of being a “me too,” what is the one special thing your company does that is superior and distinctive in the eyes of your customers? What’s that “little something extra” that is tangible, valuable, and talkable?”

No need for the Urban Dictionary. Wanna STFO? Give us a ring.

Frequently asked questions

A computer.

But, no seriously, we use Wordpress. It’s widely used, open source, and easy to host anywhere if you ever decide you hate us.

We work with companies from all industries that are all sizes. Our requirements for working together is simple. We don’t hate each other and we believe that we can provide real results.

Yes we do. From capturing the footage to editing it into its final form, all our work is done here.

Hell yes you do. We get it, some companies will write you a blog but claim that they own the content as a way to retain your business, that’s bullshit and we don’t play that game. It’s yours to keep once you’ve paid for it.

Firstly, there is no cost to meet with us and talk about what we can do for you. Second, each and every quote is custom. We don’t prepackage anything. We can however say that our base rate is a hell of a lot lower than most you will find out there.

Apart from having implications in the movie Blade Runner (where the company gets its name) we ourselves are somewhat of a unicorn in the fact that we offer a fair price for top tier services. We pretty humble, regardless of how many awards we’ve won.