Welcome to the digital universe. It's a vast and endless space that is both everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It's an easy place to get lost. And without the right guide, you can end up a long ways away from where you ultimately want to be.

Digital Marketing is what makes your business "Worldwide" in real terms. The fascinating thing about Digital Marketing is that it brings you to the direct competition with any Enterprise level organization of your business segment. A well-managed marketing campaign can get exponential Return on Investment (ROI).

There are multiple channels and methods of marketing business products or services digitally. It is essential to identify the best suitable marketing channel that can bring the best numbers of prospects or sales to your business.

NEXUS 6 offers you Marketing Channel Identification Services that gives you fewer more targeted marketing channels where you can invest your marketing budget without a single doubt.


Before we start, we understand the business and targeted audience. If required, we also understand the business operations and customer cycle to plan an Effective Digital Marketing.


Then it comes to build the plan. Mainly we identify the health of current online presence of the business and based on that we try to enrich the web presence and identify the suitable marketing channels that can bring more customer to the business.


Execution includes online marketing of the business products or services using multiple channels and marketing campaigns. These channels eventually gives an estimation of sales conversion rate and customers' buying behavior.


At last, we provide you the best performing 3 marketing channels to focus on with your budget investment for Digital Marketing that can lead to exponential growth in sales & brand awareness!


Have your Facebook Business Page managed by the professionals

Get your Facebook business profiles and pages managed by Professional Marketers. We design, draft and post updates on your Facebook and engage real-time audience to turn prospects into sale. We create professional brand awareness and make the brand visible direct to the niche using our Organic and Paid Facebook Ad Campaigns.
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It's the way to reach the Youth! Tap the best quality B2C market with Instagram Campaigns.

We have marketing specialists and Influencers who can spread the brand awareness across the Instagram platform. If you have great useful products to market in B2C model, Instagram and Facebook combination can be the real useful channel to tap. Explore more possibilities and recommendations for your business here.
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Twitter handle management by the Marketing Specialists to engage Twitter audience effectively.

Twitter can extract a lot of prospects if you manage your handle effectively and strategically. We have Twitter marketing Specialists who can do it for you. We schedule the business tweets and tap the buzz words to make the reach higher. We engage real people in real conversation (no bots) and bring the prospects on-board.
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The most personalized effective way to reach your audience for better conversion.

Video marketing is unmatched when it comes to spreading brand awareness and setting a direct connect with your audience. It's proven that good quality video content can give you as high as 80% conversion. Explore the possibilities of Video Marketing in your business segment.
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LinkedIn Management of Profile, Company Page by the Marketing Managers

LinkedIn is the best way to reach other businesses for your B2B sales. Another beauty of this platform is that it combines post sharing and content marketing both at once. Our marketing specialists and content developers can provide you the best results for your LinkedIn reach and engaging in business talks with the other businesses.
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Bulk Emails

Retain your existing customers with email notifications, discount coupons and much more with Mass Mailing Campaigns.

Email is not - Old Thing! Even today, first thing you do after reaching at office is to open your professional and personal mailbox. Email marketing campaigns are proven to be super helpful in retaining your old customers or establishing an emotional connect with your existing customer. Amazon does it the best way! Why don't you?!
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