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A lot of agencies rip you off when it comes to charging you for building a website.

I've heard of ludicrous price points from 5k - 15k for a simple website build out. And furthermore, why pay that much when all sites look shitty on a mobile phone (which we all know most people are going to be viewing it on). We build awesome, kick-ass looking websites that won't break the bank.

We also acknowledge that in this recent era of technology, having a business website is not only a business requirement but also, a way to interact with your clients, customers, business associates and various parties worldwide.

With this fact, we can clearly understand that every business needs a different website features and unique design based on its business category, location, type of customer online and worldwide reach.

At NEXUS 6, we take this fact very seriously and focus on understanding the business BEFORE we simply start developing a website. Why? Because we don't want to sell you any random web template with your company name on it! We want to craft a fresh new "Online Presence" of your business that can help your clients to get the latest updates, products or services of the company. Our aim is to empower your business with a website that can interact with online visitors!


We design websites that can be used on any device! Whether it's Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer or even a Huge TV, your website should be visible all around wherever your viewers would like to see it.

Tons of Features

We have professional and experienced team of Developers, Designers & Business Analysts that can develop all the features your business process may require to interact with your niche online & close the deals faster.

Interactive Design

We Design the websites with an approach to interact with the viewers online and to establish a psychological connect with many micro communications in our web & mobile designs. We design to improve the usability!

Market Ready

The websites & web applications designed by our team are in "Ready to Launch" state. We precisely take care of basic SEO and Social Media Integrations along with built-in Blog space for interacting with your site visitors.


Sleek, Professional Marketing Websites for Businesses, Communities & Nonprofits.

We develop WordPress websites with professional looking, responsive design and with all required business features that can help you to grow your business and online marketing stronger!
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Develop professional & Highly Scaled Enterprise Solutions, Web Services and Web Applications in Microsoft ASP .NET

Develop professional & Highly Scaled Enterprise Solutions, Web Services and Web Applications in Microsoft ASP .NET that can improve the business operations. We have dedicated team of .NET developers to solve the challenging problems & technical support throughout the project planning, development & implementations.
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Great eCommerce Solutions for Startup & Small Business entities with Server Support.

Make your sales a Sky-Rocket with eCommerce developed by Nexus 6. We build professional and reliable eCommerce websites with which you can sell online, manage your inventory, extract the online sales reports and also integrate your website for drop-shipping with other eCommerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and many more.
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Dedicated Magento eCommerce Website for Enterprises.

eCommerce companies with multiple product categories and massive numbers of products may require special architecture to manage online store. Magento is the best solution to address such numbers. Built a magento store to create a dynamic & professional eCommerce specially made for Enterprise Level Online Sales.
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Build a Customized Web Application & Digital Products for your business.

Every business has different requirements & needs. Most of the time ready to use software can't address custom needs. With our PHP developers, you can develop a customized Web Application or Digital Product & tap all the features that is specially crafted for your business needs.
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Full Stack

Hire a Development Team to build an Enterprise Software System in Hybrid Architecture.

Having an idea to develop huge enterprise level software system? Our Full Stack developer can help to build your desired digital product with hybrid architecture using multiple technologies.
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