Stephanie Majeran

Stephanie is a total badass. Not only is she the most energetic and fun accountant ever, but she is also like really good at analytics, survey generation, data mining, industry research, and anything brainy that requires lots of thinking. When yelling at it and smashing it aren’t the answer, Majeran is.


Rob Vandemark

More than just an entrepreneur Rob is a philanthropist. Not just in the traditional sense of giving money to the needy, but volunteering his time, energy, and experience to those that truly benefit from it. From helping others start up … Read More


Dave Makin

One could say his mind wanders, but he says, those that wander aren’t necessarily lost. Together with Rob, they built this company based on the concept that people buy positive experiences and to stand out in this cluttered world you … Read More


Chintan Dave

“I know all the rules, but the rules do not know me!” – Chintan Dave challenges the status quo and refuses to accept that the best way to do things is to do it the way it’s always been done. … Read More


Nexus 6 Team

At Nexus 6 we are a team not only of experienced IT professionals but also of people who love to create, develop and share amazing things with the world. We strive to promote a more human-focused company rather than a … Read More