Stand up, stand out.

Our mission with everything that we do is to be different. To stand out from the rest with regards to our ideas, our strategy, and overall approach to business.

We decided to focus on small businesses because frankly, no one else was. It’s not that small business didn’t have a need for marketing services like larger companies, in fact, I’d argue they need more; it’s those other marketing agencies were too busy trying to steal the other big accounts away from other agencies.

So, we decided to be different and target people that didn’t have a huge budget and weren’t the type to put our kids through school or build a pool when we closed that one big deal. 

We wanted to work with regular human beings that understood doing business is more than just having a Facebook page, or a website. We wanted to work with people that wanted to also be different, to build unique experiences for their potential customers. 

And, we built a meetup group based on this concept. Bringing like-minded individuals together on a weekly basis to talk about their business, their struggles, and share ideas with a group of their peers. There is no sales pitch bullshit, no mandatory leads to bring in, or dues to pay. 

The group has grown over the last couple of years and just today we welcomed a Presidential Candidate for 2020 into our meeting. Andrew Yang out of New York came and spoke to the group and answered questions. In fact, I believe that the campaign and Nexus 6 may be working closely on somethings going forward.

The point to this blog, albeit a little around the bush, is that doing the same old tried and true methods of business aren’t always the best way to do things. Try something new, experiment, host your own meeting where you live. People buy from people, not businesses or facebook pages. Stand up and introduce yourself to your local community, they may just say hi back.

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