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The Gap of Disappointment


The Gap of Disappointment

As an agency, our mission is to see the success in everything we do, and just like everyone else, love when that happens relatively quickly. Although, we still embrace our no BS guarantee and advise that not everything happens overnight. 

It’s been 5 years since I started this thing on nothing more than an 11” refurbished Chromebook (that I now affectionately refer to as the Nexus 1 and is now hanging on my personal office wall). There was definitely a gap for me to cross during those five years. One that was full of self-doubt, questioning my own abilities, and financial burdens.

And yet, here I sit in front of my overly large super ultrawide monitor and type out a blog about the gap of disappointment. 

We’ve definitely grown over the last five years. 

No longer am I running the business on the old Chromebook, today we have a staff of seven running a full suite of high-end Apple products. 

No longer do I use a small desk from my childhood in the corner of my home’s living room as my office, today we work out of the largest space in the office building that Nexus now calls its home. 

And no longer do I feel the disappointment that I used to. I work with some of the most talented people that I could ever strive to, create some truly amazing things on behalf of our clients, and love the environment we’ve created here at Nexus 6. 

The gap of disappointment, a term that came up recently in one of our discussions when we were exploring the possibilities of what we could do for a prospect and they had asked the age-old question, ‘when will I see results?’.

This question is hard, not because it’s complex or difficult to explain, but rather because the truthful answer is never the one people want to hear. 

We pride ourselves on presenting our clients with our ‘No Bullshit Guarantee’ our commitment to them that we aren’t going to fluff the answers, hide behind excuses, or suggest anything that doesn’t provide them with a solid Return on Investment.

Hence the gap of disappointment discussion. The term usually refers to making and implementing changes and not seeing results immediately until they hit a breakthrough and see a spike in progress. The time between starting and hitting this breakthrough is known as, you guessed it, the gap of disappointment.

Where are you on your journey? Stuck in the gap or can you see your breakthrough on the horizon?

We know firsthand how hard it can be to go it alone, so maybe it’s time that you look for a partner to accompany you on that journey.

Interested in having a chat and seeing what we can do for you?

Frequently asked questions

A computer.

But, no seriously, we use Wordpress. It’s widely used, open source, and easy to host anywhere if you ever decide you hate us.

We work with companies from all industries that are all sizes. Our requirements for working together is simple. We don’t hate each other and we believe that we can provide real results.

Yes we do. From capturing the footage to editing it into its final form, all our work is done here.

Hell yes you do. We get it, some companies will write you a blog but claim that they own the content as a way to retain your business, that’s bullshit and we don’t play that game. It’s yours to keep once you’ve paid for it.

Firstly, there is no cost to meet with us and talk about what we can do for you. Second, each and every quote is custom. We don’t prepackage anything. We can however say that our base rate is a hell of a lot lower than most you will find out there.

Apart from having implications in the movie Blade Runner (where the company gets its name) we ourselves are somewhat of a unicorn in the fact that we offer a fair price for top tier services. We pretty humble, regardless of how many awards we’ve won.