Best In Des Moines?

Heck Yes We Are!

Did winning Best of Des Moines change us? Yes. Yes it did.

Zero Percent


When we set out to build a gorilla marketing agency for the 21st-century people said we were bananas. So, nowadays we don't question people's dreams, we help create them. We don't suck and neither will you.



Is your current agency something of a lame duck? Are they still tied to the same old boring and traditional ideas? Look no further, being different is what we do.


Your Story

Don't let your business become something of a lost dream. Let's hop in that boat and set sail and find your white whale. And just to make sure we're on the same page, this is metaphor, so we're not really going to kill anything.



People don't get out like they used to. So, let's give people a reason to get off the couch, stretch it out, and into your store.

You're a star kid

Video Production

Everyone's doing video these days. Not everyone is doing it well however. You can trust us to treat your project like it's the next installment in the Marvel franchise.






We have a bunch of fancy equipment that makes moving pictures.


We know people both on and offline. Lettuce make the connection.


Branding is more than just a logo. It's about creating an experience and telling a unique and compelling story


We made this one, so we're pretty sure we could make yours too.


Print isn't dead, it's more like a zombie, or a long forgotten pharaoh returned in Mummy form.

Event Planning

In this online era, how do you get people offline and into your location? Let's throw a party and invite all our friends..


So, you want to get found on the Google machine? We'll slip it a couple of bucks so you pop up at the top.


We use our thunk meat to come up with compelling ways to stir up others thunk meat

Graphic Design

Microsoft paint is like a blank canvas and our mouse, a paintbrush.


We heard a cornfield say that they'll just show up if we build one.

360° Photos / VR

It's like being there without being there. Think of the Matrix without all that green code


Our chatbot is named Hal. He's that orange button down in the lower right corner. Go on, say hello.


If you’re looking for traditional, you are in the wrong place. We don’t fit the corporate mold, or most pairs of dress pants for that matter, but we like it that way. Our focus is to help you stand out, not blend in with everyone else.


At some point the “real people, not actors” started to feel fake and hollow. A product of marketers getting lazy and simply telling people what it is that the company does rather than creating a compelling narrative for people to engage with.  


We grew as a species by sharing stories and experiences about the world with each other. So, we took marketing back its storytelling roots & help to build a story around your brand and craft the narrative for your business.

That Don't Suck

There’s a reason that we were nominated the best agency in Des Moines. Let’s have a coffee and we can tell you how awesome we are.

"Success comes from standing out. Not fitting in."

~Don Draper

Meet some

What people say about us when we aren't around

Victoria Swanson

Senior Real Estate Iowa

Nexus 6 did an OUTSTANDING website for us! David listened to how we wanted the website to function and what we wanted to promote and did everything in record time. We had interviewed other marketing firms and they were much more expensive and offered less services. As a new start up company, I never imagined we could get the quality product we got from Nexus 6. Thanks for all your hard work!

Mike Martin

Five Rings Financial

I recently had Dave put together a package to promote one of my events. The results have been great! He is a pleasure to work with and gets the job done quickly. You should check out Nexus 6

Javon Latimore

Ent Tune

GREAT to work with. Ridiculously flexible, and one of the few places and people to actually believe in myself and what I want to do. A big thank you to the team! You make me feel important and you keep me on my toes at all times in the best way possible.

Angie & Hector Gonzalez

515 Locksmith

Dave is "THE" human approach to marketing. He is able to put computer language and marketing processes on a more human level of terminology for the regular, busy, not so savvy business owner. Dave always seems to be thinking one step ahead on creative marketing ideas.

Andrew McCarey

Des Moines Learning Center

Dave has been a pleasure to work with. They've been extremely helpful and affordable. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.