Traditional is Boring

If you're looking for traditional, you are in the wrong place. We don't fit the corporate mold, or most pairs of dress pants for that matter, but we like it that way. Our focus is to help you stand out, not blend in with everyone else.

More Human, Less Corporate

Ever feel like those "real people and not actors" aren't real people? It's almost like the people making the ads don't spend time with actual human beings. Our work in contrast, at its core, is always focused on the human experience.

We Don't Suck!

Our slogan is simple, don't suck. It covers a plethora of things from, not overpricing our services, to not sticking it to people with hidden ugly contract terms and conditions, and making promises that we can't keep. We want you to be happy because selfishly, it makes us happy.

Not to brag, but we're really good at...


From websites to apps, we'll build it and they will come.


We know people both on and offline. Lettuce make the connection.


We use our thunk meat to come up with compelling ways to stir up others thunk meat


Print isn't dead, it's more like a zombie, or a long forgotten pharaoh returned in Mummy form.

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Gorillas made eye contact with
An arbitrary number
French hens
Year in a Turkish prison

What our clients say behind our backs

Nexus 6 Team is easy to work with and very creative! They are very patient when I am just not getting it and walks me through the process of whatever marketing we are doing!! Dave’s sense of humor is a huge plus! I look forward to growing my business with Dave’s expertise and I highly recommend team Nexus 6!!

PeepNotes, IA

Dave is “THE” human approach to marketing. He is able to put computer language and marketing processes on a more human level of terminology for the regular, busy, not so savvy business owner. Dave always seems to be thinking one step ahead of creative marketing ideas.

Angie Gonzalez
Des Moines, IA

We went out for dinner once, he ate soup with his hands, and then somehow ate them out of the unlimited bread sticks. Then we go back to my place, he spends the night, where he wears my pajamas, and leaves in the morning after clogging the toilet. I mean they do great work, but that toilet still doesn't flush right.

Kathy Something or Another
Invalid Prospect

Dave has been wonderful to work with, he knows how to utilize social media to promote your business! In the first week of his handling my social media posts, I had over ten times that amount of interactions that I had ever had before! It’s great knowing that he is on top of things so I can focus on the things that I am good with. I highly recommend having Nexus 6 as part of your business team!

Stephanie Majeran
WellRun Results LLC, IA

I have recently called on Dave at Nexus 6 to help me with a variety of tasks related to the launch of my new online product. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and skills in the technical and marketing areas. His skill with a variety of apps and tools to help me grow my business has been very valuable to me. I plan to continue working with Dave long-term because he will be a great asset to my business.

Debbie Marshal
Des Moines, IA

Dave recently helped me create some super awesome business cards for my startup, ink & flourish calligraphy. He understood the design I wanted and patiently answered every little adjustment I asked for along the way! Easy to communicate with, fast on answers, and really personable! It’s so important to shop locally – and you won’t regret it with Nexus 6 Marketing.

Jess Lundquist
Des Moines, IA

"You're damn right I leave reviews.

Like the one I left for Fords theater on Yelp..

Terrible experience.

But Nexus 6, well you can believe me when I say, they are worthy of the five stars I gave them."

"Honest" Abe Lincoln
16th President of the USA

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Who we are

About Us

The Nexus 6 name comes from Blade Runner and has its roots in the concept of a perfect blend of tech and the human experience. 

You’ll find that our brand is more about connecting with people and adding something to their day rather than focusing on likes or retweets.

Yes, we swear sometimes, we laugh all the time, and without shame, we can admit we cried when we watched the Notebook.

But at the end of the day, we find that when we close a deal, we also make a new friend.


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