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  • Quarantine Cast 7
    This week we talk movies, needing to pee a lot, hey Google, and we Imagine w/ Gal Gadot.
  • Quarantine Cast 6
    This week the crew talks about tentacles, Gary Busey the new pet judge, how out of shape we are after Dave tries to climb a water tower, and the fact that we're somehow in the top 200 podcasts on iTunes.
  • Quarantine Cast 5
    This week we have two Matts join the podcast to discuss chili cook offs, ghosts, and Tiger King.
  • Quarantine Cast 4
    April showers brings murder hornets, terrible uncles, and much more in this weeks self isolation podcast.
  • Quarantine Cast 3
    Nate Westre, David Rogers, Cam Naylor, Dave Makin, and new comer Josh Peterson from the "Field of Geeks" podcast come together to discuss how quarantine has been affecting them both mentally and in the world of business.

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Several years ago, a coworker suggested that we go check out the drag scene that night. Having never seen illegal street racing …


Storytelling has a way of sticking with us even long after the stories have ended. You see this creep up especially when …

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