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Zen and the Art of Mythological Storytelling

Storytelling has a way of sticking with us even long after the stories have ended. You see this creep up especially when looking at mythology.

In Norse Mythology, Helheim was the Viking’s version of Hell (where everyone that didn’t die in battle goes). Unlike the Christian version of Hell, Hel was a frozen wasteland of unbearable cold. Hence the term, Cold as Hell.

The term narcissism comes from the Greek story of Narcissus. A man that was so in love with himself he fell into a pond and drowned upon seeing his own reflection. He was tricked into looking into the pond by the Goddess that seeks retribution for those that show hubris. That Goddess’ name, was Nemesis.

We even see the concept of the modern-day Christian halo coming from Egyptian mythos. The sun God Ra was often depicted with a large circle above his head. When the Roman Catholic Church was spreading its influence into Northern Africa they adopted this circle for their own deities in the form of a halo, explaining that they shared similar gods and beliefs.

So, the point to all of this is that when crafting a message or a campaign that will drive people to take action or remember what your company is all about, remember the power of storytelling. The concepts above have lasted hundreds, even thousands of years. Something that facts can’t claim, and nowadays, not even in the short term.

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