Everything You Think About Marketing is wrong

Marketing. It’s been around longer than your great-grandma’s dentures, and it’s evolved so much that even Dr. Frankenstein would be impressed. From old-school methods like billboards and flyers to the hip and trendy social media influencers, marketers have always been hustling to reach their audience and hawk their wares.   But hold your horses, folks! […]

Customer Delight = Brand Loyalty

Do you have a ‘delight’ strategy in mind for your customers? Most of the time, we as marketers and business people put more of our attention and focus toward attracting prospects and finding new leads. Mistake? Yup. I ask people all the time what the best prospect source is. To me, that’s easy. It’s word […]


standing out of the crowd

You’ve heard the acronym before. You’ve seen it. You might have even used it. So, chances are you might know what the subject line stands for already. In fact, your definition of STFO could be the same one that’s listed at the top of the internet danger zone that is The Urban Dictionary. “Stressed the […]