Automation and artificial intelligence are all the rage right now in the marketing world. Many of the speakers at the MARsum Marketing Conference we attended a few weeks ago in Las Vegas spoke on these very topics. (We also discussed marketing strategy, ecommerce, machine learning, and future marketing technology among many other topics.)

And I don’t disagree with them. Being smarter and more efficient with our time and efforts, and certainly with our clients’ advertising dollars, makes perfect sense.

But is there a cost to more automation? 

What do we lose when we take real people out of the equation?

Personas and ideal customer profiles can certainly make our jobs as marketers easier, but we can’t forget there are real people out there buying our products and services, not just someone in a certain zip code with a specific income range and education level.

A campaign we’ve been running lately for a client of ours focuses on exactly this.




The AI systems don’t always know the actual details.

Real connection and knowing our customers is always going to be the most important piece of marketing. No amount of artificial intelligence is going to overtake that.


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